BAS Mold Removal NYC


DON’T place fans on the damaged area. When you blow air onto mold it will disperse tiny harmful spores into the air, quickly and negatively affecting the air quality.

DON’T try to kill it. Dead spores are just as harmful as living spores.

DON’T spray it with bleach and other household chemicals. It’s futile and may actually stimulate more growth.

DON’T paint or varnish over the damage and assume it’s eliminated. There is still a reservoir of damaging spores inside the structure, and paint will quickly peel to reveal the damage again.

DON’T think that it won’t hurt you. Black mold or toxic mold is an airborne pathogen and can adversely affect your health, no matter how healthy you are otherwise.

DO wear personal protection that includes a respirator with P100 HEPA filtration cartridges, gloves and a hazmat suit. Mold damage companies are prepared and equipped with these safety precautions.

DO put up containment with plastic sheeting to limit the spread of spores.

DO use a HEPA vacuum and negative air pressure to ventilate and filter the air in the space.

DO have professional BAS Mold testing and inspection to show where all the areas are that contain mold spores and to ensure that the problem is handled completely. Mold can be especially tricky to detect and remove in areas such as attics and crawl spaces, so BAS mold damage contractors are important in accomplishing complete attic cleanup and removal.

DO call a professional such as BAS Mold damage company to get a complete evaluation of your situation and a quick remediation solution to your problem. Do-it-yourself work can be potentially risky to both your structure and your health, so bring in an experienced and trained technician to make sure you and everyone in your home or business remain safe.

We know there are many options when selecting mold removal contractors. Choose BAS Mold Removal Company, your local professional mold remediators!