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BAS Mold Removal White Plains

If you are currently facing a mold problem, We provide professional Mold Removal in White Plains that can fend off this problem for you fast!

Nothing is worse than entering a damp home or office that smells of mold. The pure sight of it is enough to make someone sick, let alone the real danger of breathing in spores hazardous to health.

We are able to quickly identify the likely moisture source, determine the type of mold growing, kill and remove spores, and return your home or office back to health.

Sadly, most mold removal cleaning companies in Long Island perform a high pressure clean to remove mold and algae. This process only removes the ‘head’ of mold and leaves the roots resulting in re-growth within months!

BAS Mold Cleaners in White Plains are formally trained and certified in all aspects of mold remediation and mold removal.

Our specialized  Inspect, Correct and Remediate Mold in White Plains. Guarantees you of not only your mold problems being eliminated, but also understanding why they occurred, and preventive ways to assist in your family’s health.

Experience A Mold Cleaning Service Like You’ve Never Had Before…Guaranteed!

Benefits of Mold Removal Service

  • One Day Process    Your home restored – same day
  • One Month Guarantee    For your peace of mind
  • Safe And Eco-Friendly     Preferred mould removal professionals
  • Professionally Trained And Certified Staff    Mould remediation and mould removal specialists

Satisfaction is Guaranteed.